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The Owner Who Was Denied

Once upon a time, in a bank far, far away, there was a business owner who sought a commercial loan. The business owner came in with a well thought out plan and enough enthusiasm to inspire a country, and in theory, the business was sound with a bright future.

So the business owner applied for the loan, eager to conquer the world of possibilities that were but a single loan approval away.

The loan was denied. On paper, the story of the business was less flattering. On paper, the story of the business owner was less flattering. The business owner left the bank in the place far far away, and was never seen again.

The end…or was it?

The Owner Who Came Back

Distraught, but not broken, the business owner searched day and night for answers, and with each answer only led to more questions. Why was the loan denied? Why does the bank want? What did I do wrong? What am I supposed to do now? Ever the more frustrated and confused, the business owner searched and searched in all the corners of the great internet until, finally, it was discovered….THE ANSWER.

My Business Credit. They showed the business owner the way. They knew that the business owner’s personal credit was trash, as was the cashflow (or lack thereof). They knew that the bank would never say yes to dreams alone, and that in the land of the banks of far far away, the only story that mattered was the story told by numbers.

Credit score numbers. Cash flow numbers. Collateral numbers. Bank balance numbers. Vendor relationship numbers. On and on the numbers went.

My Business Credit showed the business owner the answers, and 3 months later, the business owner showed the numbers to the bank.

Once upon a time, a business owner in a land far far away went to a bank armed with the numbers that told a story of promise. The business owner left the bank with $5,000,000 that day.

The end.



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