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Frequently Asked Questions

The free scan looks at 150 data points on your business and lets you know where you stand for business financing, business credit, lender compliance, and everything about your current online footprint.

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No, the scan will use publicly available data from the business credit bureaus to analyze your business credit, not your personal credit.

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You can complete the scan in as little as 5 minutes.

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  1. You will be given the results instantly.
  2. You will be shown exactly what you need to do so that you can fix any errors discovered by the scan.
  3. Someone from our team will contact you to help you understand your results.

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The pre-qualification scan will check see what you can qualify for immediately, but most business owners will still need to improve their business credit to qualify for larger amounts of funding.


Your well established business may qualify for $50,000 as it currently is, but with additional improvements to your business credit, your business could qualify for more than triple that amount.

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Our software provides access to over 200 lenders and an Account Manager who can help you identify the best options for your specific needs.


Business A needs $150k for new trucking equipment, while Business B needs $150k for commercial real estate.

Because these two funding needs are very different, an Account Manager would recommend very different funding resources for each.

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After you complete the Pre-Qualification Scan, you will have access to our step-by-step business credit building software that will guide you through the process.

If you need help along the way, you can watch a short video with a Virtual Coach that explains each step on every page.

If you need one-on-one assistance, a live coach is available to help you over the phone.

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It depends – as you continue to solidify your business credit profile it is very likely you will continue to get larger amounts of capital from lenders for your business

If you still want more capital and your personal credit is in a good place, there are many lenders you can work with.

Yes, absolutely. You can run a Pre-Qualification Scan for each business to find out what each one qualifies for.

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It varies. We offer three different products: revolving lines of credit and terms loans. Not all clients will be eligible for both products.
Revolving lines of credit: 
– 0% interest for 9-15 months.
– Estimated APR after intro period is 9.99% – 25.99%* OAC
– This product is dispersed between on average 4 – 6 credit cards
Unsecured Term Loan(s):
– Term Loans: Interest rates range from 6% – 21% on approved credit.
– 3, 5, or 7 year terms
– No pre-payment penalties
– Estimated monthly payment is 2% of loan amount
Yes. We look for three things to help them qualify for a working capital loan or line of credit. 
  1. Monthly business revenue over 10k (deposits have to be into a biz bank account)
  2. Credit score above 580
  3. LLC is in good standing with the state

Yes since we are dealing with unsecured financing, there is a higher risk to the lender. The lenders do require a personal guarantee. But this is much better than tying your home or car to a loan. With a secured loan you risk losing the asset your loan is tied to.

We work with over 350 banks and lenders who all personally guarantee the loan. Even if a loan is in a business’s name, it will still be personally guaranteed. This won’t show up on their personal credit report unless they default.

No, we only offer unsecured loans and unsecured lines of credit.

No. In fact, we can even offer startup financing to businesses that have not officially been started yet.

Just based on a client’s personal credit, we can secure a certain amount of funding in just revolving lines of credit.
We can do a non-verifiable income loan, but it’s difficult because often a client has already maxed out or has above 45% credit utilization on their cards. They need to pay these cards down in order to receive revolving lines of credit. Because many clients can’t pay down their cards, we ask for their income. 
If there is anything that doesn’t make sense, or if you have any other questions, please email for more information.



Avoid getting denied for funding! Follow this 23-point checklist to get your business pre-qualified with no personal guarantee!