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It's really easy! Anytime someone gets funded after applying using the unique referral link we'll give you, you'll receive a commission!

Affiliates Earn 33% of everything we make

Earn up to $2,000 per referral!

We help people fund their businesses, projects, and investments, and the average client receives $75k+ through our services. The bigger the funding, the bigger the commission to you!

Why Should You Promote My Business Credit?

Average Earnings are $742.50 per funded referral*

Why are the commissions so high?

The answer is simple, really: 33% of a lot, is a lot!

We get paid to bring people tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we are willing to share 1/3 of the pie with anyone who helps us.

* $742.50 average earnings are based on a typical $75,000 business loan, for which we earn 3% ($2,250.00).

So, How Does It All Work?

Step 1: Find quality clients
It is easy to find people who want more money. That's almost everyone on the planet!

The challenge is finding people who can qualify and then sending them our way.

Low credit scores are the biggest reason people do not qualify
Step 2: Get form submissions
Encourage your referrals to submit a pre-qualification form on our website if they are interested in our funding options. Once they submit a form, you'll be one step closer to getting paid.
Step 3: Wait for your connections to get funded
When your referrals get funded, you get paid. If they are funding a business, it can take as little as 48 hours, but when they are buying a whole house, it can take up to 21 days.
At this stage, all you need to do is wait, while our team handles the rest.
Step 4: Get PAID
If you send quality referrals who are genuinely interested in getting funded, you'll find that they make it through the process pretty easily.

Our commissions start at $330 and increase from there.

Earn Passive Residual Income

What if my applicant gets denied for funding?

When an applicant is denied for our funding programs, we move them into our Business Credit Building Course so that they can fix the errors on their business profiles.

Access to our training platform renews monthly at a variety of pricing tiers, and you earn a commission every single month that your referrals renew!

Our training platform is PACKED with resources that business owners will never want to lose access to. And with low monthly fees, cancellations are rare.

Once your referral is ready for funding, they can apply again with our lenders, and if they get funded, you get paid!

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