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Grow Your Business With Us

Business owners across America rely on My Business Credit for their growth financing needs.

Look, we get it. Funding shouldn't be the roadblock between you and your business dreams. That's why we're here—to make sure that money issues don't hold you back.

We want to change the game, making business funding as straightforward and accessible as possible. So, what's our mission? Simple. We're here to open doors for you, to turn those 'what-ifs' into 'what's next.' With My Business Credit, you're not just getting funding solutions; you're getting a future where anything is possible.

Our Story

My name is Bob Hunter, and when I was starting out in business over a decade ago, I had no idea how much information I was missing when it came to running a future proof business what was optimized for growth.

I thought that I just needed to develop great services, establish a strong customer base, and build a sales team. And while all of those things are true, there was one area where I simply was not paying attention – Business Administration.

I didn’t know how many little things mattered, like how my companies were registered, how my banking history was managed, and how my credit relationships were established. They didn’t teach those things in my business classes in college, and like many entrepreneurs, I was operating in ignorance.

To make matters worse, finding the information I needed wasn’t exactly easy. Not unless you wanted to pay hefty fees to several consultants and attorneys. And with a poorly administered business, you’ll never pass the basic qualifications for funding. I want to save business owners across America from experiencing what I went through, all without charging an arm and a leg for the information.

At My Business Credit, we are helping small and medium businesses access funding every day, and for the 90% who don’t qualify, we provide all the resources needed to fill in the gaps and try again. And it is all practically free!

Owning a thriving business is the simplest way for people to build wealth and live out their dreams, and with My Business Credit, we hope to play our part in making those dreams a reality.

Bob Hunter, Founder

What We Offer

Risk Free Loan Prequalification Assessments

9 out of 10 businesses will be denied funding, and they usually won't even know what went wrong! And it only gets worse if you keep submitting applications that get rejected.

Our solution is to provide a free assessment that checks your business data against multiple qualifying factors, and then we clearly point our what you are missing!

After the 5 minute assessment, you get a breakdown of what you do and do not qualify for, and we tell you how to fix any errors we find. All with no credit check required.

A variety of funding options

Serving everyone from entrepreneurs with no business at all, to well-established businesses with millions in the bank, our goal is to provide access to the financing you need to grow.

Business Credit Building Software & Resources

We understand that over 90% of small business owners will be denied the financing they need to grow, and the reasons can vary wildly.

To solve this problem, our software works by identifying the reasons a business will be disqualified, and then provides the information and steps needed to fix each issue.

Once the business owner has corrected their disqualifiers, they can try to prequalify for funding again. Usually this takes about 90 days.

Business Credit Resources

Once we help our clients understand and access their business credit, we then provide them with an overabundance of resources - all at no extra cost.

Our Private Business Community

Only stupid people know everything, and the smartest people learn from the experiences of others. So to help everyone learn and grow together, we literally built our own social media platform, just for business owners.

Our Business Credit Community is a professional networking hub where business owners can showcase their wins, share their products and services, connect with others, and learn together.



Avoid getting denied for funding! Follow this 23-point checklist to get your business pre-qualified with no personal guarantee!